Friday, February 17, 2012

Bowls and More Bowls

Mugs and cups are cool.

Plates are great.

But a bowl greatly satisfies me.  

These cream-colored bowls are made by a local craftswoman.  Unfortunately, she "retired" from the business several years ago.  I have several other bowls in my collection.  I can't decide which ones I love best.

Our everything bowls from Target.  These things take a beating.  I love my black dishware and my black countertops.  Get granite countertops they all said.  Way too expensive I said.  We settled for laminate -- still going strong 14 years later.

Cookie dough
Veggies from the garden (probably someone else's)

A bowl is for everything.  A bowl holds comfort.


  1. What is there about bowls that give them more character than the plates? I also like cups and mugs ;-)

  2. I have a thing for bowls too. Love these .... and I love your mom's diary.

  3. That bowl in the middle would frustrate me, because I'd want to show it off and bring it out when we have guests, but if you put stuff in t=it, you can't see the cool interior. That's the kind of dilemma that would drive me insane.