Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Houses

I love to flip through those glossy coffee table decorating books.  Lately, I've noticed how large those perfectly decorated houses have grown.  9,000 square feet!  Who needs that?  I am always drawn to the tiniest rooms, the nooks and crannies.

Office Shelf

I love these tiny house sculptures by Lauren Gray from The Haunted Hollow Tree on Etsy. These are sitting on some of my grandmother's vintage cookbooks. No doubt, a great deal of the recipes call for lard. Part of my husband's cookbook collection resides on this shelf. The newest is Saraban, a cook's journey through Iran. My husband spent some of his boyhood there and the food of the area is lodged in his memory forever. Two dishes have been made from this book, both good. One required few ingredients and relatively little time. One, a rice and lamb concoction, took two days to make. The family determined that, while good, it would be a one time deal because of the time required.

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  1. Hi Kim....great idea for this blog! I'm with you....needing to be reminded of all the wonderful things I already have, rather than the constant desire for some other thing or state of being...I'll look forward to following this blog.
    Cutting back in the fall....who has the energy by then....I wait til spring too when I'm so excited to see something happening!