Monday, January 30, 2012

Even the Butter has a Home

So, my goal for the year to not buy things I don't need has been spoiled already.

The old dish was a hand-me-down that we have owned for 20+ years.  It is chipped, stained and deglazed in places.  It rests in the garbage as I type.  It was ceremoniously replaced with this happy piece from West Elm.  The butter would still be residing in its old, decaying dish if West Elm had not offered free shipping.

I've read the Paula Deen fat flak these last few weeks.  If Paula goes down, I sure hope she doesn't take butter down with her.  Butter is very important in my family.  We'd keep it on a pedestal, as long as the pedestal would fit in the fridge (it would not).  I remember the butter of my youth.  A usual breakfast at my grandparent's house would consist of eggs, bacon, biscuits and a big ol' round of butter on a plate.  No margarine there!  Frankly there's no better smell than butter melting in a frying pan.


  1. At least you didn't add a thing. By trashing the old butter dish your still on track for no more stuff! And butter!!Yes to butter, it is a real food. Someday all that oleo stuff will be proven to be very bad indeed! Love the new blog btw!

  2. Love that little butter holder! Yes, I agree with you about the essentials of butter....although my husband would agree with you even more as he considers it one of the basic food groups! Enjoy!

  3. LOVE the new blog, your butter dish, the little houses and your header. Off to a great start Kim.