Friday, February 10, 2012

Needs Done

Next to the computer in the office.  Only slightly rearranged.  I still LOVE the dark, dark, dark brown shelving and desk I have in my office.  Most people thought I was crazy to make the whole room this color.  I wasn't.

Hilton pen -- yes we get Hilton points.  Ever had a free three-night stay in the middle of New York City?  I have.  Love those points.

Chapstik.  One in every room.  I should have bought stock in this company.  I guess it is a petroleum product, however, and I should be ashamed.  Yet it is the only thing that does NOT cause my lips to swell to epic proportions.

Someone needs done.   I'm guessing this is an old note written by my daughter that has slipped out from somewhere.  Apparently a lesson in Central Pennsylvania Speak.  Here, we don't say, "The dishes need to be washed."  We say, "The dishes need washed."  But who the heck cares, I'm always the one washing them.


  1. I hope you know what a delightful sense of humor you have!!! I always have a smile on my face somehow after reading one of your posts....even though you probably aren't even trying! So funny that I loaded my blogs to read in google reader and walked away while it was loading to go get a....CHAP STICK....then it was the first thing I saw as I approached the computer...weird. I grew up in Pittsburgh and still vaguely remember some rather odd, you'd better get back to those dishes!!

    1. REALLY wish I had purchased some Chap Stick stock!