Wednesday, February 1, 2012

House Of Chocolate

If I were to ever start a business, chocolate would have to be involved.  Yes!  I could be a chocolatier.  One for me.  One for you.

No, these are not gourmet chocolates in this photo.  I've already eaten those.  These are the backup team.

I do love silver vessels, although I hate to polish them.  I'm sure the piece on the left was a very inexpensive Ebay purchase.  The cup on the right is my husband's baby cup.  I'm sure he never used it as a child, so I'm putting it to good use now.

This is a photo of my kitchen shelves.  I'm hoping that the dust and peeling paint are not TOO obvious.  We like that lived-in look.


  1. Yum! For the chocolate and the silver pieces. Have you asked your mother-in-law if the cup was drunk from by your husband? My boys both drank from their silver baby cups.

  2. well if you need a business partner .... :-)